Social Media doesn’t give a F**K about you

Social Media has become useless again

Little changes over time. Businesses try to sell. Consumers try to ignore them. Platforms are created to bridge the gap. Marketing firms get creative. Platforms constantly change the rules. We all loose.

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Weekly Off-Site Meetings

Connecting one-on-one with your staff

Since February 2014 I have been attending the Sioux Falls, South Dakota 1 Million Cups weekly event with a coworker. Each week I take one of my coworkers with me, we attend the event, network for a few minutes afterwards, and then head over to a coffee shop to talk work strategy. Each week I take a different colleague.

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Work Like a Nomad

Everything does not need to be done at your desk

Technically I can work from anywhere. Everything I need has been digitized and is accessible by me from anyplace with an internet connection. If my office was quarantined tomorrow, I would not miss a beat — nor would I miss my office. Because I’m a nomad, I often work outside of the office. And by “work”, I don’t mean checking email with my cell phone.

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Optimizing Your Daily Schedule

Focus on when you are the most productive

There are two types of people — morning people and night people. As best as I can tell, you are born this way and will never change, so why do we fight it? I’m a morning person— it takes me about one minute to wake up in the morning and I am at full power, starting the countdown spiral until I am zapped of energy at 5pm.

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Optimizing Your Sales Team with Agile Methodologies

Part 5: Complete SCRUM meeting policies & template

Evangelizing what you do is fun and makes you feel good, but often creates a false sense of sales accomplishment. In general, people are nice and won’t outright tell you they don’t need your product or service, which is too bad because that would save us all a lot of time. Instead, they offer to follow up in a few weeks or ask for more information which starts the process of you wasting time on prospects with zero chance of ever closing on them. Read more

Implementing Agile Processes In Sales Teams

Part 4: A look into our successful implementation of accountability

In previous blog posts I discussed how our development team operates an Agile development process leveraging SCRUM meetings. Lately I have been working hard to optimize our sales process and I wanted to share with you some of our techniques. While this isn’t rocket science, I feel that if we don’t document the process, it won’t be followed and we lose accountability. With a policy document, you can always just point to it and say “do it that way.”
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