Falls Foundry Series

Code Bootcamp teaches how to build Web sites

Launching Code Bootcamp has one huge hurdle to overcome: how do you attract prospective students? When you ask someone to drop what they are doing, spend $4,000 on a first-run education program, and commit eight weeks of their life to education, it’s going to be a tough sell!

One of our key marketing strategies is to get out in front of our community with various introduction courses around Web site development. This allows anyone who might be considering Code Bootcamp an opportunity to take us for a trial spin to make sure that they like the style and instructor. Most importantly, do they want to sit and listen to Josh lecture for five days a week for a full eight weeks?

Falls Foundry is a local non-profit which is dedicated to education and entrepreneurial resources to spark creativity and innovation in the Sioux Falls region. Our missions are very similar so it makes for a perfect partnership. Jointly, Code Bootcamp and Falls Foundry are partnering with EPSCoR to run a three-session series for anyone who wants to learn how to be a developer and operate their own Web site — and there is no prior experience necessary. Each session costs only $25 to attend.

WordpressSession 1 — Web Sites 101: Our first session will cover building a Web site through an existing platform like Strikingly and SquareSpace. We will also cover each of the other popular platforms and weigh the pros and cons of each to help you decided what is right for your business. These platforms are very cheap and easy to set up and customize to meet a lot of companies’ needs, all without ever writing a line of code. Sign up today for $25.

Register for Session 1 ($25)

Session 2 — Build a Site With WordPress: Next we will dive into the most popular Web site platform — WordPress. At the end of our three hour session, you will have a fully functioning WordPress Web site that you can use to drive your business. And it will not be a glorified blog either. We cover everything from hosting to templates to customization. No prior experience is needed, and we will get you set up with a trial subscription to a hosted WordPress site to get you started. Sign up today for $25.

Register for Session 2 ($25)

Session 3 — Customizing a WordPress Site: Our final session will be our most technical and will cover customization of the WordPress site that we built in the session two. We will add e-commerce, integrate with email lists providers, customize templates, and spend time answering your questions — whatever they might be. While this is an advanced class, anyone who attended the first two sessions will have no problems keeping up, no other experience is needed. Sign up today for $25.

Register for Session 3 ($25)

In addition to the Falls Foundry event, EPSCoR is also funding the Summer IT Academy. The SD EPSCoR sponsorship allows participants to pay $40 per credit hour for five computer science courses and receive an IT Consultant Certificate upon successful completion.

If you have always wanted to start an online business but got cold feet with the thought of building a Web site or paying someone thousands of dollars to do it for you, this series is just what you need to get started. We are anticipating a sell-out for the first session, so sign up today to secure a spot!

I would love to hear from you about Code Bootcamp or see you attend our first session in May 2015. Please send me a Tweet at @wbushee, or drop me an email. After all, shouldn’t we all keep learning?

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