Free lunch today at Wired For Coding book launch, no strings attached

My Wired For Coding launch party is today at Zeal, join me!

Today is the official launch day (September 8, 2016) for Wired For Coding! I am so excited, I could barely sleep last night (although that is a common occurrence).

I hope you can join me today at Zeal for the official launch party at noon. Lunch will be provided and several of you will get a free copy of my book.

Also, Wired For Coding will be available for free on Amazon today and I would love to have you “buy” a copy. This will help the Amazon ranks, allowing me to reach more people.

Wired For Coding

This link will take you to my book.

Lastly, there is a student you know who is attending college right now that could benefit from my book. Can you help me by sending him or her this link as well? They will thank you later.