Gaming Bootcamp

Today we are announcing that Code Bootcamp will be hosting a Gaming Bootcamp this summer!

Shortly after we started talking about Code Bootcamp, we got asked by a number of people about doing a bootcamp geared towards middle school and high school ages, which it is not. That got us thinking, if we did a bootcamp for middle school kids, what we would teach? Building video games!

Gaming BootcampGaming Bootcamp is going to be a five day bootcamp for kids (roughly middle school aged) to build a 2D video game ā€” think Angry Birds ā€” which will work on multiple devices, including tablets or phones. We will be leveraging the Construct 2 framework which means we can do pretty much everything through a drag, point & click model instead of writ ting computer code.

We would love to host Gaming Bootcamp many times throughout the year, but we are offering our inaugural bootcamp at a discounted rate of $229.99 (early sign up before May 15th) to test the market reaction. If we can get enough students signed up ā€” it will happen!

You probably have a ton of questions, no worries, we have all the details at: