Supporting Sioux Falls’ Startup Scene

Planning for Paul Singh’s Sioux Falls tour is coming together well. A number of businesses have stepped up to sponsor the Results Junkies Road Tour including Zeal, The Bakery, Sanford Health, Meta Bank, Sioux Falls Startup Week, Throne Publishing, MarketBeat, Co-Op Architecture, Code Bootcamp, and BrightPlanet. Thank you all!

These sponsors know the true value of having a tour like the Results Junkies Road Tour spend a week in Sioux Falls. Our community is ripe for entrepreneurial growth and having a national spotlight on what we have to offer is the exact energy that we need to kickstart our growth.

Every sponsorship dollar raised will be spent on making the Sioux Falls stop the best city in Paul’s 2017 tour. We want him to be bragging about how Sioux Falls is positioning themselves to compete with other tech startup hubs like Fargo, Omaha, Boulder, and Kansas City. If you or your business supports our startup community, I would encourage you to become a sponsor today, every dollar counts. You can sponsor directly from our website, and 100% of the funds will be spent on the event itself.

If you are not exact sure who Paul Singh is, here is a brief bio.

Paul Singh, one of the original three partners of 500 Startups knows more than just a little bit about startups. In the last five years, he’s flown over 500,000 miles circling the globe, during which time raising tens of millions of dollars in venture funds, and investing in hundreds of companies. A startup founder (a few times over) himself, he’s been on both sides of the table and has had his fair share of both successful exits and struggles past proof of concept. That’s just one of the many reasons why he knows startups and small businesses better than most others; and why they know him.

More details about the tour schedule, sponsorship information, and Paul’s background can be found on our website.

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