The reasons I wrote Wired For Coding

Why write a book? That is a great question.

My plan goes far beyond just publishing the Wired For Coding book. Over the next six months, I will travel around our region and talk to every Computer Science student about what they need to do to launch their career after graduation.

This college book tour will be funded through corporate sponsors which will give a softcover copy of my book to every student. Besides the book, I will also share my knowledge through a 30-minute presentation.

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Fiction Author Subscription Service

Subscription service for a group of authors

I have become a super-fan of the guys over at Sterling & Stone and have written about their Fiction Unboxed project. A number of months ago they launched something that they call their “Platinum Reader” subscription. For $5.95 per month you get access to all their books before they are released, additional audiobooks, members-only short stories, and a backlog of a their previously published novels.

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The Best Blogs Delivered

Optimizing your Blog reading with Hacker Monthly

I read a lot of books every month, but virtually no periodicals. In fact the only two publications that I read every issue of religiously are Hacker Monthly and 2600 Magazine. There is a theme here, they are both curated content from the “hacker” community. But not the negative meaning of hacker, rather the meaning that refers to those who make things work better, like “Life Hacking.” Read more