Bootcamp Underway

Code Bootcamp launched on May 26th with 9 students! We have been working hard, touring local technology businesses and starting our work projects. In the coming weeks we will be profiling each of our students, so keep an eye out for those. A quick insight into our students include three who have moved to Sioux Falls from out of state, three women and one high-school student! Read more

Code Bootcamp Signs a Lease

Code Bootcamp has signed a lease for our training center and office — now we are completely legit!

Our training center is located in the Rock Island Building at 300 North Phillips Avenue. This is where Click Rain, Better Business Bureau, Verizon and Co-Op Architecture are also located. If you need even more references, we are directly across the street from the Orpheum theater in beautiful downtown Sioux Falls.

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Welcome 2015!

Welcome 2015
Welcome 2015 — Happy New Year!

I drew this picture because I’m really excited about 2015. I have lots of great things happening and 2015 is going to be the year that they all come together!

What plans do you have for this year? Share and Tweet me at @wbushee!

Create a Professional Web Site in Minutes


Building a one-page event site for a non-profit

I’m a board member of a local non-profit called Health Connect of South Dakota. Like most non-profits, we have a few fundraisers throughout the year with one big fundraiser where we put most of our effort. That event is the Health & Safety Festival held in the fall, October 11th to be exact (formerly called The Family Fun Festival.) In previous years, we did not have an event Web site, but instead promoted through traditional means like fliers, billboards, radio, and print, plus Facebook of course.

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