Wired For Coding is launching this week

Join me at the launch party on September 8 at noon, details below

This week my book Wired For Coding is launching! So, how can you help?

Step 1. Attend 1MC on Wednesday, September 7 at 9am at Prairie Berry, enjoy a free cup of coffee.

Step 2. Come to the launch party at Zeal on September 8 at noon. Lunch will be included.

Step 3. Wired For Coding will be available for free on Amazon on September 7 & 8. I would love to have you “buy” a copy THAT week, it helps boost up the Amazon rankings.

Step 4. Write a quick review on Amazon, it really does help. Amazon’s algorithm is heavily skewed on reviews.

Step 5. If your business is interested in getting this book into future employee’s hands while they are still in college, please email me for sponsorship information.

I loved what John T. Meyer said about Wired For Coding:

Code or be coded! Having the ability to write code will be your key to unlock incredible value for yourself and others in the 21st century. In this book, William gives you the step-by-guide to start down the path of code pro.