As one of the original developers at BrightPlanet, William Bushee authored their first harvest engine, leading the company to be the leader in collect data from the Deep Web. With nine US Patents, the technology has seen many variations over the years, but still is the leader in harvesting content from any online source.

NOE: At the end of 2018, BrightPlanet was wrapped down for financial reasons.

Company Information

For over ten years, BrightPlanet has been the pioneer in Deep Web Intelligence. We have the fastest, most powerful tools and services available to help you create new intelligence. Our patented technology is the definitive answer to the challenge of harvesting Big Data from the Deep Web.

We make it our business to provide access to the valuable, untapped resources that lie beneath the surface web for deep research and analysis. Our patented, proprietary solutions deliver Intelligence capabilities that far outstrip any other currently available technologies.

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