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Optimizing your Blog reading with Hacker Monthly

I read a lot of books every month, but virtually no periodicals. In fact the only two publications that I read every issue of religiously are Hacker Monthly and 2600 Magazine. There is a theme here, they are both curated content from the “hacker” community. But not the negative meaning of hacker, rather the meaning that refers to those who make things work better, like “Life Hacking.”

The editors of Hacker Monthly troll Y Combinator viewing the top voted articles each month and combining them into a curated e-book publication. This is something you could do yourself if you have a few free hours each day to dedicate to reviewing the hundreds of possible articles.

Each month Hacker Monthly is delivered directly to my Kindle (actually all three of my Kindles) and each contains six to ten curated articles, usually with some minor theme running through them all. Hacker Monthly does not write the articles, but instead redistributes the best material from blogs all around the world in every conceivable topic area and background. Every article contains a convenient shortened-URL pointing directly to the original source which makes them easy to share through social media or email, which I often do.


The title Hacker Monthly may be intimidating to a non-technical audience, but most of the articles are actually stories about entrepreneurial adventures, successful marketing strategies or sales tactics. While there are a few super-technical articles each month which dive deep, sometimes too deep even for me, but those are the minority of the articles.

Good, curated content can be hard to find online today. Hacker Monthly provides a great publication that sifts through the junk and narrows in on articles worth spending a few minutes reading each month. Subscriptions start at only $29/year, and in my opinion, are well worth the money. If for some reason you are into the whole print magazine craze, you can also get it in hard copy.

I would love to hear about your favorite reading material. Please send me a Tweet at @wbushee, or drop me an email. After all, shouldn’t we all keep learning?

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