Launching Code Bootcamp of South Dakota

Don’t just learn to code – become a developer

I am excited to announce that in May 2015 we will be launching the first Code Bootcamp of South Dakota. Code Bootcamp is an intense, eight-week educational experience focused on learning through academic, hands-on, and group activities to produce cutting edge Web Developers to meet the demands of the our growing technology community. Geared specifically to those who want to jump-start their career quickly to become a Web and user-interface developer.

About six months ago I partnered up with Josh Stroschein to launch Code Bootcamp. We have been planning, organizing and strategizing ever since to bring this experience to the Sioux Falls community. We have met with many key business leaders and organizations as part of our journey to ensure we bring the correct skills and experiences that they need in new employees.

Code Bootcamp is not just about “how to write code”; you can watch YouTube,, or CodeAcademy to learn those skills. Unlike other programs, Code Bootcamp combines traditional instruction, hands-on projects, guest speakers, mentorship, and lifestyle skills together in an intense eight-week experience to build a well-rounded education. Being a developer is more than just having the skills; developers need experience, mentorship, and life skills. We are also very community-focused and you will see that embedded into every aspect of our business.

Upcoming blog posts will cover:

  • What is Code Bootcamp?
  • Falls Foundry Series
  • Typical Day at Code Bootcamp
  • Attracting Students
  • Initial Syllabus
  • Lifestyle Skills
  • Community-based Projects
  • Mentorship For Developers
  • Sponsorship Opportunities

In the coming weeks I will cover more about our syllabus and business. If you are serious about learning to be a developer, not just how to write code, join us for this exciting education experience. We will be taking early-bird applications starting in February, so sign up today for the early announcements.

Those that sign up today will receive an early bird discount of 10% off your tuition if you choose to apply for Code Bootcamp – no commitment necessary today.

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I would love to hear from you about Code Bootcamp or see you attend our first session in May 2015. Please send me a Tweet at @wbushee, or drop me an email. After all, shouldn’t we all keep learning?

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