Are You Doubling Your Sales Next Quarter?

Five Indications Your CRM is Ineffective.

Every sales team deserves a great customer relationship management (CRM) system to manage opportunities. It cannot be done with Excel or email or a text file or from memory. At BrightPlanet we have leveraged a good CRM system for over five years but it has been a struggle to get our sales team to use it (and keep using it) regularly.

Does this sound like your system?

  1. Requires more than ONE click to register a new opportunity.
  2. There are more than three mandatory fields required when creating an opportunity.
  3. To follow up on a stale opportunity, you need use a separate process to create a calendar reminder.
  4. There are opportunities listed for which no one on your team remembers any details.
  5. Your sales team needs to be “reminded” to update their sales leads and opportunities.

Like most small business, we have struggled with all of these challenges (and more) for far too long. I recently found a CRM solution that I immediately knew would work perfectly for us (within the first 2 minutes of use, no joke!) We made the decision to switch that same day, and migrated our sales team (team of 4) over two days later.

We adopted Pipedrive and the reaction from our team has been fantastic. While it is fully customizable, you probably won’t feel the need to spend any more than 5-10 minutes tuning it for you business.

What are some CRM challenges keeping you up at night?