What to expect during Paul Singh’s Results Junkies Tour

The Results Junkies Road Tour is going to be here in three weeks! Some people have been asking me what to expect during the tour.

Paul and his team are going to be in Sioux Falls the entire week, but that doesn’t mean that you need to take 5-days off work and attend every single event. Instead, we are going to be planning different events for different groups throughout the week, and you should pick the ones that are in alignment with your interests.

This is not a technology conference, and there are not a bunch of presenters. There will be various other founders, entrepreneurs, and investors that will be joining Paul during the tour. A list will be provided on our website about a week before the event. The entire schedule will be listed on our website.

Most of the events will be open to the public, but there are a few that are invite only because of their content or space limitations at the venue. If you see an event that is invite only and you are interested in attending, please call me.

The bulk of the tour will take place Wednesday through Friday, and the majority of activities will be hosted at Zeal and The Bakery. On Thursday we will be at Zeal most of the day and Friday we will be at The Bakery most of the day, both of these events will be very loose and will contain a lot of ad-hoc discussions.

Throughout the week, Paul will also be conducting Office Hours. During these one-on-one meetings, Paul will be hearing business investment pitches, business ideas, and providing business advice or feedback. If you want to sign up for office hours, use this online form.

Oh, and there will be some after-hours socials at the watering holes downtown! These are the events that you won’t want to miss.

More details about the tour schedule, sponsorship information, and Paul’s background can be found on our website.

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