Where are the Women Technology Founders around Sioux Falls?

In of preparation of Global Entrepreneurship Week, The Bakery is coordinating a number of educational workshops and asked me if I would teach one. I have no time to commit to putting together a course so I suggested that we set up a technology entrepreneur panel instead — no preparation work for me.

The panel discussion will be held on November 16 from 5 to 7 and we’ll get three or four panelists together to discuss “The Future of Technology Entrepreneurism.” Our panel will be made up of true technology people who either run technology businesses or have launched technology businesses.

While forming the panel, someone that we should have a woman on the panel. There are a ton of great women running amazing businesses around Sioux Falls, and there are a number of extremely talented technology women in Sioux Falls, but we could not come up with a single woman running a technology business or who has launched a technology business.

Are we all wrong? Is there a pocket of technology women secretly launching businesses or a side-hustle that we don’t know about? My network is not the widest, but you would think I would know someone.

I shot a few messages to others around our community and we all came up short. We’re sure that there must be some women technology entrepreneurs around Sioux Falls, can you help us identify them?