Black Friday discount code for my on-line video game course

Gaming Bootcamp

Over 80 students have taken my on-line video game course on Udemy and it has a 4.85 average review, which is really good for Udemy. I wanted to offer a 60% discount (only $20) for the Black Friday holiday (Friday through Wednesday) to allow everyone to grab a copy for their kids or grandkids.

Buy the full video game course ($20.00)

This course makes a great family learning experience for the kids and the adults.

Last Wednesday I was at a middle school teaching 8 kids how to build video games. Our kids desperately want to build and create their own games and this course gives them the framework necessary to succeed.

This five-hour on-line video course is geared toward kids who want to learn how to build their own video games using the Construct 2 (which has a free version). This course is entirely video and starts with the basics. I cover multiple video games from scratch, each with step-by-step instructions that can easily be paused, rewound or fast-forwarded to be consumed at your pace.

A complete 5-hour full video game course ($20.00)