Free Girls Breaker Day Event

After a girls maker day event last fall, I had an idea of hosting a girls un-maker day event — I called it Girls Breaker Day. It’s just as it sounds; we’re going to invite girls to bring their broken electronics and then take them apart to see what makes them tick. In addition to their items, we are going to have a hundred old computers and miscellaneous items that they can disassemble down to the raw parts and then build something creative with the parts. Read more

Kids should build video games instead of just playing video games

Gaming Bootcamp hosts camps that teach kids to write code

Our schools do not do enough to teach kids about technology so we took up the challenge a few years ago. Last year we hosted nine events for kids and had over 130 kids join us. This summer, we plan on doing even more but we cannot do it with your support. Please help spread the word about our camps. Read more

Updated Online Video Gaming Course for Kids

Two years ago I created a video game training course on the Udemy platform to help me teach our facilitators and mentors for my Gaming Bootcamp. It just made sense, they needed a way to understand the Construct 2 platform and curriculum at their own pace, and video is the best medium.

After I posted the training course, I decided to open the course up to anyone that wanted to take I on-line. I set the price at $50 and have had well over 100 students take the program. As I develop new games, I update the course material on Udemy, providing a platform that is continually expanding. There are over 6 hours of videos lectures already in the course.
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