Hack Sioux Falls is challenging your kids to build electronics

I want to teach kids to build electronics so I’m launching a 90-day electronics challenge in April. Are your kids up for the challenge?

Each quarter, we will issue a new and creative challenge that asks kids to build their own solution to a problem. Challenges will be related to electronics and embedded engineers; for example, transmit an 8-bit number across the room without using a wired connection. Or remotely turn off a light over the internet. Our first event will be around LED light strips and learning the platform.

All challenges will have dozens of possible solutions; we want to encourage kids to think, coordinate, prototype, and build their solution to the challenge. We are reinforcing critical thinking, problem-solving, working with others, and the understanding of complex solutions as part of each challenge, these are all valuable skills for our kids to learn.

This video explains everything.

Sign up today, about a third of the tickets have already been sold.

Additional details can be found on our event page at http://hacksiouxfalls.com/