Straight from China, Hack Sioux Falls supplies have been ordered! Oops, I think I messed up.

I clearly have ordered too many parts but the kids will enjoy them, it is going to be epic.

Hack Sioux Falls will hold a quarterly electronics hacking contest for kids in grades 6th-12th, complete with workshops, working sessions, and components for them to learn the fundamentals of electronics and software engineering.

Last weekend, I ordered all of our supplies directly from Shenzhen, China. Over 30 different components and about 1,000 parts total…I couldn’t help myself, this is going to be fun.

We will have over a dozen types of switches, buttons, and toggles. I ordered about 2,000 LEDs in multiple packages, and enough Arduinos and WS2812 strips for everyone. Have you ever seen those LED tape strips? We’re going to program those.

These challenges will take kids on a journey that will teach them electronics, hardware, software, soldering, functional design, user design, and creative thinking. While it will be run as a competition, it is meant to be a cooperative challenge where teams are encouraged to help each other with their projects.

A video explaining some of the parts we will be using.

Are your kids signed up? The deadline is fast approaching and we have limited tickets left.

All of the details can be found on our event page at