Updated Online Video Gaming Course for Kids

Two years ago I created a video game training course on the Udemy platform to help me teach our facilitators and mentors for my Gaming Bootcamp. It just made sense, they needed a way to understand the Construct 2 platform and curriculum at their own pace, and video is the best medium.

After I posted the training course, I decided to open the course up to anyone that wanted to take I on-line. I set the price at $50 and have had well over 100 students take the program. As I develop new games, I update the course material on Udemy, providing a platform that is continually expanding. There are over 6 hours of videos lectures already in the course.

While we would love to have your kids join our in-person Gaming Bootcamps, we realize that everyone doesn’t live in South Dakota. Until I am able to launch my program around the country, kids outside our area can take the boot camp through the Udemy platform instead.

Through the end of April, I have the course on-sale for $40 using the code SPRINGGAMES_2017. Follow the link from my website to locate the course on Udemy.

Learn to build video games online (DISCOUNT CODE)