William Bushee is a co-founder of Code Bootcamp of South Dakota, an eight-week, intense educational experience focused on learning through academic, hands-on, and group activities to produce cutting edge Web developers to meet the demands of the our technology community. Geared specifically to those who want to jump-start their education quickly to becoming a Web and user-interface developer.

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Don’t just learn to code – learn to become a developer. That is what Code Bootcamp is all about, we go beyond the skills and also teach the lifestyle associated with becoming a developer. Code Bootcamp was developed out of what we saw as a need within our technology community in South Dakota.

Unlike other programs, Code Bootcamp bring the traditional classroom experience with hands-on projects, guest speakers, mentorship, and lifestyle skills together in an intense eight week experience to build a well rounded education for our students. You will learn more than just the skills of being developer.

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