Sold Out Gaming Bootcamps Across the State

Every Gaming Bootcamp has sold out

Over the past three months, we’ve been working hard on our summer of Gaming Bootcamps, and it has completely paid off. Every camp that we have scheduled has sold out, some even sold out 2x, and we had to add additional dates.

Last week we wrapped up our second Gaming Bootcamp of the summer, there are eight events planned across the state, plus some events taking place on Native American reservations through a grant from AT&T.

Our first two camps have gone extremely well. With just under 25 kids, five mentors, various guests, and five video games, we’re taking a much needed week off to celebrate July 4th. The next camp is in Pierre the week of July 10.

Kids have been learning to use a physics engine, forces, sine waves, character animations, and explosions. Yes, the last one is the most popular. Anything that can be blown up has been blown up. I’m always amazed at how often the kids reference the retro characters, like Mario. Which I think is super cool.

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