Free Girls Breaker Day Event

After a girls maker day event last fall, I had an idea of hosting a girls un-maker day event — I called it Girls Breaker Day. It’s just as it sounds; we’re going to invite girls to bring their broken electronics and then take them apart to see what makes them tick. In addition to their items, we are going to have a hundred old computers and miscellaneous items that they can disassemble down to the raw parts and then build something creative with the parts.

Why? Because by the age of 10, most girls have decided that computers, electronics, engineering, science, and math are not cool, too complicated, or just for boys. We must fix that. We must to a better job exposing and encouraging our girls to consider STEM career fields. And you can count on me to help lead the way.

On July 29 from 10 am to 3 pm, I am inviting all girls between the ages of 9 and 14 to join us at The Journey Group (across the street from Sky Zone) where we will help demystifying how electronics and appliances work by letting girls explore them by taking them apart in a safe and educational environment. The entire event is completely free, and I would like the moms also to join them.

It’s more than just taking things apart; we will have experts on hand to explain the different components and how they work. We will also have other technologies on hand to explore with, including Raspberry PI, Arduino, robots, and more.

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This event is proudly sponsored by Code Bootcamp, DSU, CybHER, Montessorium, The Journey Group, and SEAM.