The reasons I wrote Wired For Coding

Why write a book? That is a great question.

My plan goes far beyond just publishing the Wired For Coding book. Over the next six months, I will travel around our region and talk to every Computer Science student about what they need to do to launch their career after graduation.

This college book tour will be funded through corporate sponsors which will give a softcover copy of my book to every student. Besides the book, I will also share my knowledge through a 30-minute presentation.

This book has the power to affect thousands of college students’ careers by properly preparing them for graduation. But only if we can get this book in their hands, and I need your help to accomplish that.

By the summer of 2017, I plan to meet and talk to at least 300 students. Is your business interested in sponsoring this book tour? Please hit reply to this email and let’s talk.

This is what Rick Melmer said about Wired For Coding:

As a former K-12 educator and University Dean, I understand the importance of training and graduating Computer Science majors. The employment opportunities are expanding rapidly and it is incumbent on our education system to prepare students for opportunities in this dynamic field. William’s book provides the motivation and insight necessary for Computer Science candidates to prepare for a career in this exciting profession.

Official launch day is September 8, 2016!

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