DSU / AT&T Hackathon

We did it.

We challenged 15 DSU students to solve real-world problems for first responders.

And then we gave them 48-hours to research, prototype a solution, and then pitch those solutions to a panel of first responders

“There are companies spending millions of dollars on solutions that are not this good.” A response from one of the first responder judges.

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Kids Learn to Build Video Games On-line

Gaming Bootcamp Video Course

Kids love video games, just ask them. But, what if they could build their own video games? Could you help them success with at that goal? Probably not, but that’s fine because I have a complete video course developed just for this purpose.

During the summer of 2016, our Gaming Bootcamp taught 133 kids how to build video games. Their ages ranged from 7 to 17 and most of them had no prior experience building games. Read more

Free lunch today at Wired For Coding book launch, no strings attached

My Wired For Coding launch party is today at Zeal, join me!

Today is the official launch day (September 8, 2016) for Wired For Coding! I am so excited, I could barely sleep last night (although that is a common occurrence).

I hope you can join me today at Zeal for the official launch party at noon. Lunch will be provided and several of you will get a free copy of my book.

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The reasons I wrote Wired For Coding

Why write a book? That is a great question.

My plan goes far beyond just publishing the Wired For Coding book. Over the next six months, I will travel around our region and talk to every Computer Science student about what they need to do to launch their career after graduation.

This college book tour will be funded through corporate sponsors which will give a softcover copy of my book to every student. Besides the book, I will also share my knowledge through a 30-minute presentation.

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