What is Code Bootcamp?

Eight weeks of intense development training

Don’t just learn to code – learn to be a developer. That is what Code Bootcamp is all about, we go beyond the skills and also teach the lifestyle associated with becoming a developer. Code Bootcamp was developed out of what we saw as a need within our technology community in South Dakota.

Unlike other programs, Code Bootcamp offers an interactive and dynamic classroom experience with hands-on projects, guest speakers, mentorship, and lifestyle skills together in an intense eight week experience.. You will learn more than just the skills of being developer; you’ll get a well-rounded education encompassing aspects beyond just coding.

Our Goals

Code Bootcamp has three key goals for each student to accomplish throughout our eight week program:

PortfolioGoal Number 1: Build job-ready development skills around the platforms and technologies that are being used in our community. We don’t just show students how to code, we teach students how to be a developer. Plus we focus heavily on lifestyle skills as well, but more about that later.

Goal Number 2: Develop a portfolio of work through which our students can demonstrate their skills to prospective employers. Each student will work on two to four impressive real-world projects, individually or in collaboration with other students, during the eight week program.

Goal Number 3: Interact with the industry through guest speakers, on-site visits, and drop-ins by community leaders. Each student will be paired with their own mentor, which will extend beyond the eight week program to allow them to grow as a developer, expand their professional network and position themselves to become an expert in their field.

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Who We Are

Code Bootcamp was founded by Josh Stroschein and me (William Bushee) in June 2014. We both saw the quality of students being produced through traditional colleges and universities, but wondered why there was little focus being put on Web platforms and user-interface development. After meeting with numerous businesses, we founded Code Bootcamp to meet our community’s need for more specialized Web development education.

Josh has spent over a decade as a developer with a focus on web applications and application security. He is also a technical advisor and consultant, providing his years of experience to organizations across a variety of industries. Currently, Josh works as a full time instructor at DSU and operates a consulting and development company called M9 Development.

I, William Bushee, have over 20 years of development and management experience. In 2010 I founded South Dakota Geeks as a LinkedIn group which has grown to over 500 members, all working in South Dakota’s technology companies. As an avid technology enthusiast, Code Bootcamp is the ideal way that I see building our next generation of developers right here in the mid-west – not out on the coasts.

Code BootcampYour Experience

If you have ever thought about being a developer — or have struggled trying to train yourself — Code Bootcamp is the perfect experience for you. If the thought of sitting in a classroom for the next four years with others who are not old enough to buy booze sounds like torture, Code Bootcamp is for you. If the thought of needing to start over from scratch in a new career is daunting, the Code Bootcamp community is here to help with that transition.

I would love to hear from you about Code Bootcamp or see you attend our first session in May 2015. Please send me a Tweet at @wbushee, or drop me an email. After all, shouldn’t we all keep learning?

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