Paul Singh Results Junkies Road Tour – That’s a Wrap

The Sioux Falls Paul Singh Tour wrapped yesterday, what a great week for Sioux Falls. It has been a blast hanging out with the team — Paul, Dana, Mark, and Jack.

Look, here’s the deal. I didn’t bring Paul here for me, I brought him here for you — our community. Now, you need to go forward and crush shit today.

If you didn’t take advantage of EVERY event that we hosted, here are links to the recorded FB live streams, some of them have better quality than others, but the content is what matters:

AND, there are a few other professionally produced events of Paul that are great, but now in Sioux Falls.

Sometime in the coming few weeks I’ll do a better debrief post or video. Clint and I talked about doing a joint “where do we all go from here” video as well.

Thanks to ALL of the sponsors for stepping up (and returning my emails) you help this happen and avoided my wife being mad at me for spending $5k on this week.

Oh, one last comment, but it’s very important, don’t wait for me to take the next step for you. You don’t need me and you don’t need Paul to move your business forward. Turn off the TV (if you still own one), close Youtube, quit building Pinterest boards, stop “researching,” and go grow your business.