Lifestyle Skills

Writing code is only half of the skills you need to succeed

At Code Bootcamp we are all about building a well rounded experience and education. In addition to learning to write code, we will teach the lifestyle skills necessary to spend a healthy career as a developer. Our students are exposed to all the right lifestyle skills necessary to experience a lifelong passion of writing code in a way that does not harm their health or mental well being. Let’s be honest — developers are not known for their great life choices.

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Work Like a Nomad

Everything does not need to be done at your desk

Technically I can work from anywhere. Everything I need has been digitized and is accessible by me from anyplace with an internet connection. If my office was quarantined tomorrow, I would not miss a beat — nor would I miss my office. Because I’m a nomad, I often work outside of the office. And by “work”, I don’t mean checking email with my cell phone.

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Optimizing Your Daily Schedule

Focus on when you are the most productive

There are two types of people — morning people and night people. As best as I can tell, you are born this way and will never change, so why do we fight it? I’m a morning person— it takes me about one minute to wake up in the morning and I am at full power, starting the countdown spiral until I am zapped of energy at 5pm.

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Life Hacking Office Hours

Adding four more productive hours per week by taking Friday afternoon off

A few years ago we changed our office schedule from 8-5, Monday through Friday, to 7:30-5:30 Monday through Thursday and 7:30-11:30 on Friday, often referred to as “summer” hours by many companies. We thought we would give it a try for a few months over the summer and see how it went, expecting that we would eventually switch back to more traditional hours.

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