Mentorship For Developers

Building a strong foundation for new developers

When Josh Stroschein and I first started our discussions around launching Code Bootcamp, we both felt very passionate that every student needs to be paired with a senior developer as a mentor. Why did we both feel so strongly about this? One simple reason: it is hard getting started out as an entry level developer! And why doesn’t everyone, regardless of their career, have a mentor to help build their craft? We can fix that for our students, so we made it part of our core goals for Code Bootcamp.

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Community-based Projects

Let us build that for you

One of our three goals for Code Bootcamp is to provide students with an active portfolio of real-world work that they can use to demonstrate their skills to prospective employers upon graduation. Even though we don’t think anyone graduating is going to have a difficult time finding a job, we want to give them every advantage possible with which to impress their future employer and increase their negotiation power. Plus, our graduates will be in a better position to pick which company that they want to join.

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Weekly Off-Site Meetings

Connecting one-on-one with your staff

Since February 2014 I have been attending the Sioux Falls, South Dakota 1 Million Cups weekly event with a coworker. Each week I take one of my coworkers with me, we attend the event, network for a few minutes afterwards, and then head over to a coffee shop to talk work strategy. Each week I take a different colleague.

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Finish Every Task in Half the Time

Smart time management with Parkinson’s Law

Over the past few months I’ve been on a mission to optimize my time and efficiency of task completion. This will not be the last time you read about my pursuit of optimal time utilization – I’ve got a lot to say about the topic. I’m pretty sure I am driving my coworkers crazy, but hopefully they are at least enjoying the ride. After all, our time is so short, we owe it to ourselves to optimize everything we do. Read more