Community-based Projects

Let us build that for you

One of our three goals for Code Bootcamp is to provide students with an active portfolio of real-world work that they can use to demonstrate their skills to prospective employers upon graduation. Even though we don’t think anyone graduating is going to have a difficult time finding a job, we want to give them every advantage possible with which to impress their future employer and increase their negotiation power. Plus, our graduates will be in a better position to pick which company that they want to join.

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Weekly Off-Site Meetings

Connecting one-on-one with your staff

Since February 2014 I have been attending the Sioux Falls, South Dakota 1 Million Cups weekly event with a coworker. Each week I take one of my coworkers with me, we attend the event, network for a few minutes afterwards, and then head over to a coffee shop to talk work strategy. Each week I take a different colleague.

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Optimizing Your Sales Team with Agile Methodologies

Part 5: Complete SCRUM meeting policies & template

Evangelizing what you do is fun and makes you feel good, but often creates a false sense of sales accomplishment. In general, people are nice and won’t outright tell you they don’t need your product or service, which is too bad because that would save us all a lot of time. Instead, they offer to follow up in a few weeks or ask for more information which starts the process of you wasting time on prospects with zero chance of ever closing on them. Read more

Implementing Agile Processes In Sales Teams

Part 4: A look into our successful implementation of accountability

In previous blog posts I discussed how our development team operates an Agile development process leveraging SCRUM meetings. Lately I have been working hard to optimize our sales process and I wanted to share with you some of our techniques. While this isn’t rocket science, I feel that if we don’t document the process, it won’t be followed and we lose accountability. With a policy document, you can always just point to it and say “do it that way.”
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Optimize Your Agile Team Through Accountability

Part 3: Complete SCRUM meeting policies & template

Our development team has been leveraging SCRUM meetings for about a year with great success. We have gone through three major revisions over that time and we’re very happy with our current process. In previous blog posts I discussed how our development team implements our Agile process through SCRUM meetings. As a follow-up to that post, I wanted to share our template and framework which can be adapted for your development team.

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Implementing Agile SCRUM Across Departments

Part 2: A look into our successful implementation of accountability

Our development group is small, and as such doesn’t need a ton of “process” to keep projects moving forward. However, since having no process is never a good idea either, we have adopted various Agile methodologies and added our own spins. At the heart of Agile are daily meetings call SCRUMs.

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