Standing Desk Experiment

Sitting is the new smoking

Some of my colleagues were talking about a standing desk and how nice it would be to not sit all day long. Long lists of random studies about sitting were quoted, although not corroborated, in an attempt to get a standing desk at the office. This was perpetrated by exactly two of my twelve colleagues, so the numbers were not on their side . Regardless, we had an empty cubicle station that could very easily be converted to a standing desk in about 15 minutes. Read more

Create a Professional Web Site in Minutes


Building a one-page event site for a non-profit

I’m a board member of a local non-profit called Health Connect of South Dakota. Like most non-profits, we have a few fundraisers throughout the year with one big fundraiser where we put most of our effort. That event is the Health & Safety Festival held in the fall, October 11th to be exact (formerly called The Family Fun Festival.) In previous years, we did not have an event Web site, but instead promoted through traditional means like fliers, billboards, radio, and print, plus Facebook of course.

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Staying Organized with Project Management

Non-profit migrates event planning to the 21st century

I’m a board member of a local non-profit called Health Connect of South Dakota. We have about nine board members and in general are very low-tech, as compared to my work at BrightPlanet. Recently we started working on event planning for our annual fundraising event called Health & Safety Festival, which started out as a two column bullet list in a Word document, emailed around to all members. Immediately, I decided we needed a shared project management tool.

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