Optimizing Your Sales Team with Agile Methodologies

Part 5: Complete SCRUM meeting policies & template

Evangelizing what you do is fun and makes you feel good, but often creates a false sense of sales accomplishment. In general, people are nice and won’t outright tell you they don’t need your product or service, which is too bad because that would save us all a lot of time. Instead, they offer to follow up in a few weeks or ask for more information which starts the process of you wasting time on prospects with zero chance of ever closing on them. Read more

Optimize Your Agile Team Through Accountability

Part 3: Complete SCRUM meeting policies & template

Our development team has been leveraging SCRUM meetings for about a year with great success. We have gone through three major revisions over that time and we’re very happy with our current process. In previous blog posts I discussed how our development team implements our Agile process through SCRUM meetings. As a follow-up to that post, I wanted to share our template and framework which can be adapted for your development team.

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Starting With Agile

An agile review of Agile methodologies

Agile is a group of software methodologies designed to optimize software development projects around self-organizing teams. There are many methodologies around Agile but the concept is just as the name implies, you need to be agile — self-organizing, light on procedure and policies, and most importantly, provide a steady stream of incremental accomplishments moving your project forward daily. The opposite of Agile would the processes used by every traditional big company to implement everything!

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Staying Organized with Project Management

Non-profit migrates event planning to the 21st century

I’m a board member of a local non-profit called Health Connect of South Dakota. We have about nine board members and in general are very low-tech, as compared to my work at BrightPlanet. Recently we started working on event planning for our annual fundraising event called Health & Safety Festival, which started out as a two column bullet list in a Word document, emailed around to all members. Immediately, I decided we needed a shared project management tool.

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