Gaming Bootcamp – Great Success

Code Bootcamp of South Dakota switched gears in early August. Instead of spending 12-weeks teaching adults how to kick start a career in coding we are hosted a summer camp!

That’s right! It is a summer camp with computers. Our first five-day Gaming Camp for kids is taking place the Code Bootcamp of South Dakota headquarters. Read more

Relaunching Computers for the Community

Connecting our community one computer at a time

I am really excited to announce the re-launch of Computers for the Community — a 501(c)(3) non-profit that takes donated computers, has them refurbished by volunteers, and then sells them for a small administration fee to those in the community who need them. Computers for the Community was founded in 2007 and has served hundreds of low-income families around Sioux Falls, South Dakota, but in the past few years it has been scaled back due to the original founder’s other commitments. Read more

Standing Desk Experiment

Sitting is the new smoking

Some of my colleagues were talking about a standing desk and how nice it would be to not sit all day long. Long lists of random studies about sitting were quoted, although not corroborated, in an attempt to get a standing desk at the office. This was perpetrated by exactly two of my twelve colleagues, so the numbers were not on their side . Regardless, we had an empty cubicle station that could very easily be converted to a standing desk in about 15 minutes. Read more