Fiction Author Subscription Service

Subscription service for a group of authors

I have become a super-fan of the guys over at Sterling & Stone and have written about their Fiction Unboxed project. A number of months ago they launched something that they call their “Platinum Reader” subscription. For $5.95 per month you get access to all their books before they are released, additional audiobooks, members-only short stories, and a backlog of a their previously published novels.

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Optimizing Your Sales Team with Agile Methodologies

Part 5: Complete SCRUM meeting policies & template

Evangelizing what you do is fun and makes you feel good, but often creates a false sense of sales accomplishment. In general, people are nice and won’t outright tell you they don’t need your product or service, which is too bad because that would save us all a lot of time. Instead, they offer to follow up in a few weeks or ask for more information which starts the process of you wasting time on prospects with zero chance of ever closing on them. Read more

Are You Doubling Your Sales Next Quarter?

Five Indications Your CRM is Ineffective.

Every sales team deserves a great customer relationship management (CRM) system to manage opportunities. It cannot be done with Excel or email or a text file or from memory. At BrightPlanet we have leveraged a good CRM system for over five years but it has been a struggle to get our sales team to use it (and keep using it) regularly.

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