Sponsorship Opportunities

Help us build our community by being a sponsor

Code Bootcamp could not operate without our sponsors — Thank You Sponsors!

Our sponsors are also our customers. We are here to serve them with the correct curriculum and well-rounded graduates. We spent months talking with businesses about the skills that they are looking for in new candidates, and what is lacking in today’s applicants.

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Mentorship For Developers

Building a strong foundation for new developers

When Josh Stroschein and I first started our discussions around launching Code Bootcamp, we both felt very passionate that every student needs to be paired with a senior developer as a mentor. Why did we both feel so strongly about this? One simple reason: it is hard getting started out as an entry level developer! And why doesn’t everyone, regardless of their career, have a mentor to help build their craft? We can fix that for our students, so we made it part of our core goals for Code Bootcamp.

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Community-based Projects

Let us build that for you

One of our three goals for Code Bootcamp is to provide students with an active portfolio of real-world work that they can use to demonstrate their skills to prospective employers upon graduation. Even though we don’t think anyone graduating is going to have a difficult time finding a job, we want to give them every advantage possible with which to impress their future employer and increase their negotiation power. Plus, our graduates will be in a better position to pick which company that they want to join.

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Lifestyle Skills

Writing code is only half of the skills you need to succeed

At Code Bootcamp we are all about building a well rounded experience and education. In addition to learning to write code, we will teach the lifestyle skills necessary to spend a healthy career as a developer. Our students are exposed to all the right lifestyle skills necessary to experience a lifelong passion of writing code in a way that does not harm their health or mental well being. Let’s be honest — developers are not known for their great life choices.

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Welcome 2015!

Welcome 2015
Welcome 2015 — Happy New Year!

I drew this picture because I’m really excited about 2015. I have lots of great things happening and 2015 is going to be the year that they all come together!

What plans do you have for this year? Share and Tweet me at @wbushee!